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Anime Highlights

We shall be announcing our anime screening lineup as well as our voice-actor lineup shortly!

Our Voice Actor guests will be doing guest Q&As as well as a Voice-Actors Q&A/workshop panel. They will also be doing a series of free signing sessions and shall be hosting some of the events.

Anime screenings shall get it's own expanded area taking up all of the side room this time. It shall be a great chance to see what's up and coming and add to your watch list when you get home! Highlights and schedule to come.

Commercial and art exhibitors - Expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more, as well as some of the UKs most well known manga and comic artists in attendance. A full list of exhibitors and artists in attendance will be released closer to the event.

Gaming Highlights

With London Gaming Con taking place in the building next door, and all LAC attendees having free access to the event, there will be far more gaming this year than previous years! With a number of publishers in attendance with exclusives, we shall be announcing those shortly!

More generally - Both days will see over 100 setups and over 200 gaming titles available to choose from, Gaming shall be split in to seven major areas with games available to play casually with your friends and cash prize tournaments also available. Fight Game Zone (including Street Fighter IV and Persona 4 Arena organised by Electronic Dojo), First-Person Shooters, Music, Mainstream (including Smash and Mario Kart) and Retro.

Cash prize tournaments including League of Legends, Minecraft, Halo Reach, Street Fighter IV, Persona 4, Smash, Mario Kart, DDR and many more. Full Gaming timetable to be released next month.

Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of exhibitors and sponsors, such as GAME, Namco-Bandai, Zen United, Konami, FragRadio and Insomnia Gaming Festival with more to be confirmed!

Cosplay Highlights

This year shall be our biggest ever for cosplay. Highlights include:

# Cosplay Stars - Twelve of the most renowned cosplayers come together to reveal their latest cosplays. Their backgrounds include UK EGL championship and German Cosplay Championship as well as other competition winners such as Neo Magazine's Cosplay Idol. All Cosplay Stars will feature in the Cosplay Masquerade as well as panels and workshops. Check out who we have on the Guest page here.

# Cosplay Masquerade - Showcase your cosplay on stage, with handmade entries being judged on both performance and craftsmanship by experts in the industry. First place is a £50 cash prize and the chance to become a cosplay star for the next event. All entrants in the masquerade will be invited backstage to relax and network with LAC's cosplay stars afterward.

# Cosplay Auction - Supporting our charity which shall be confirmed shortly. Proceeds raised shall go to supporting them. The Cosplay Auction is one of our big events and has everyone go up for bid, with the winner of each cosplayer getting that character for a two-hour period for the Saturday evening.

# Cosplay panels and workshops - Panels and workshops will take place over the weekend to provide guidance to those looking to improve their cosplay including; costume design, performance, photography, prop making and much more. These will be presented by experts in the industry. A full guide will be available on the Animeleague forums.

# Otaku Fashion Show - Our unique fashion show, for unique style from Lolita, Steampunk to Goth, walk the line and show your creativity and individuality. This show does not discriminate, and is open to both the general public as well as professional models; anyone can enter no matter your size or shape. The event is supported by Spirit Models, Alt-Fashion Magazine and Devolution Magazine.

# Photo shoots - Professional photographers will be attending the event and all photos will be available for free to download online shortly after the event from the LAC fb page. More details to come.

Music Highlights

Unique to London Anime Con is our strong music and entertainment focus, exhibiting popular J-pop performers, upcoming rock and metal talent and alternative club nights throughout the day. Highlights and acts to be revealed in the next month.

Of course, this convention isn't just about showing new talent, it's about finding it! The event hosts a talent show, where attendees can partake. The winner will receive their own performance time slot at a future convention. You can read more about the Talent Show and how to sign up for it here.

Party Highlights

London Anime Con is the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until 1am on the Saturday and midnight on the Sunday (it's the same venue, just located downstairs) LAC also offers the option of buying an evening only ticket for just £5 on the door after 6pm. The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks, Free lollipops, Dance-Off Contests with Dancers and Variety Acts through to past midnight.

Of course, if partying is not your scene, there will be a range of alternate late-night events including Karaoke and casual gaming.

Other Highlights

There's too many other highlights to list. But here's the top five to watch out for:

#1 Trading Cards - The TCG Zone is located upstairs, you can signup for a tournament up to half an hour beforehand. All tournaments are free to enter, with casual games allowed and tournaments including Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Magic The Gathering and Vanguard. You are welcome to trade on the day. You can read more information HERE

#2 Talent Show: Find a Star - We start our 2014 search for talent in the convention-scene! Do you have a hidden talent, be it singing, dancing, stand-up performing or pretty much anything? Come enter the Talent Show, show it off and win a £30 cash prize and the opportunity to develop your act with us and star on stage at our future events! Read more here.

#3 Pub Quiz - Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness!

#4 Dub That Anime - The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging! This can be done as an individual or group so if you think you have what it takes to be in the next Team Four Star then you can signup on the day (just come along).

#5 Baka No Gameshow - Japanese Gameshow Madness! Events will include Wasabi eating, picking up peas with chopsticks, writing hiragana with a twist...and other randomness...with forfeits being handed out to the losers of each round. Signup for that at

Pick a Clan!

A key part of London Anime Con are the clans! You can join a clan beforehand (click on the image of the clan below to be taken to their HQ topic where you can post to sign up), or at the event itself.

Upon arrival, you will be given a conbadge to wear corresponding to the clan you're in. Any events or tournaments you win will earn you points toward your choosen clan. At the end of Sunday, the winning clan and the member who scored the most points are both announced and prizes are granted!

Two key clan events also take place on the Sunday; the clan cosplay photoshoot, and the Clan Battle Showdown. We will be releasing more info about this shortly, stay tuned!