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The conbook and final timetable is now available to view HERE. Check it out and start planning your day now!


Details are still provisional and subject to change.

Anime Highlights
Gaming Highlights
Cosplay Highlights
Party Highlights
Music Highlights
Other Highlights
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Anime & Manga Highlights

Anime Voice Actors - Including guest of honour, Monica Rial who has voiced in over 100 titles which include Panty and Stocking (Stocking), Tsubasa Chronicles (Sakura), Fullmetal Alchemist (May Chang/Lyra), Soul Eater (Tsubaki Nakatsukasa), Black Butler (Mei-Rin), High School of the Dead (Shizuka Marikawa), DBZ (Bulma) and many more! She has also acted as an ADR script writer on over a dozen titles such as Fairy Tale and FMA. Monica will do a free signing session on the Sunday as well as a number of talks and Q&As.

Anime Cinema shall be showing screenings on the big screen in the backroom courtesy of MVM Films. It shall be a great chance to see what's up and coming and add to your watch list when you get home! As well as Anime there will be a variety of internet screenings from well known series such as DBZ abriged.

Asian Movie Night On both nights from 7pm we have a special Asian cinema night courtesy of Third Window Films and Terracotta.

Talks from Leading Creators and Fans - Guest speakers to include internet presences such as the abridgers. Anime Exhibitors - Expect a wide range of anime and gaming merchandise, DVDs, manga and more, as well as some of the UKs most well known manga and comic artists in attendance. A full list of exhibitors and artists in attendance will be released closer to the event.

Manga Workshops & Artist Alley - UK's top artists will provide advice and workshops on Manga for artists of all levels! Make sure to also check out their independent works and collaborations with other publishers.


Gaming Highlights

With London Gaming Con and Anime Con now merged in a bigger venue, there will be far more gaming this year than previous years! The event will see over 100 setups and over 200 gaming titles available to choose from. Gaming shall take place in five areas; the GAME Tournaments Zone (and stage), the Publishers Room, the Indies Zone, the Eclipse Arena LAN Zone, and the Retro Hangout.

GAME Tournament Zone
Over a dozen tournaments that will test gamer's skills to the max with almost £1,000 worth of prizes up for grabs and various gaming publishers supporting. Fame will be assured to each winner. Tournaments to include; FIFA16, Mario Kart 8, Smash WiiU, League of Legends, Halo 5, Ultra Street Fighter V, Pokemon 3DS, DDR Sight Reading, Mortal Kombat X, Random Fighting Championship, Retro Tournament Challenges and more.


- Most tournaments will be free to enter. Most tournaments also have a guaranteed minimum prize of £50 either in cash or prize equivalent thereof, rising to £100+ for some such as our League of Legends tournament on Sunday.

- This room also has the Gaming Stage in it. - There will also be various casual retro-based competitions taking place in the Gaming & Retro Lounge.

The Retro Hangout

Grab a game from our extensive library, sit down with your friends and have fun! A casual chillout area for gamers by gamers. Also a great place to make friends and become a part of our gaming community.

A key feature of the Retro Hangout will be the Challenges and casual tournamentsrun by the Retrograde Gamer! Each day there will be several fun, quirky and generally awesome challenges that you can sit down and take part in at any time. Whether it's Sonic 1 Blindfolded, Guitar Hero with awesome points or several retro challenges it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun, with prizes up for grabs.

Publishers & Indies Floor

Featuring the latest games to check out from a variety of publishers and indie developers. The latest generation consoles will be on display including the XboxOne and PS4.

A key feature will be our newly established Indie Zone as part of this event's push to help support the Independent Gaming industry. [ CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR INDIE ZONE LINEUP ]

Eclipse Arena LAN Zone

Eclipse Arena shall be providing some top-end PCs and running a League of Legends and Battlefield 4 tournament. You can read more about their exciting plans HERE.

Even More Gaming!

- Guests - Several Youtube Let's Play Guests shall be attending as part of a brand new focus on gaming guests. Check out the lineup HERE.
- Industry & Game Producers - Shall be a major feature of the publishers zone and shall give talks on the Gaming stage.
- TCGing - Bought to you by Parralell Worlds, there will be tournaments throughout the day including Vanguard, Yu Gi Oh and MTG.
- Arcade Zone - Bought to you by Heart of Gaming and located in the main building, provided by Heart of Gaming, where retro cabinets and arcades will be available to play! - DDR & Music - With a custom DDR cabinet and a free to enter tournament unique sight reading tournament with a £30 cash prize for the winner.
- Video Gaming Inspired Musicians - Including world famous OC Remix who shall be putting on a concert at the event.
- RPGing and Boardgaming - Other events such as the Gamers Day quiz and more.

Cosplay Highlights

Cosplays Events, Stars and Community will form the basis of the cosplay lineup as part of the event's drive to become the home of UK Cosplay. With over 12 hours of cosplay stage content, a cosplay zone and photography area and many fun cosplay events, here's the top highlights of what to look forward to-

#1. The Cosplay Community Coming Together - Community will be a key part of our Cosplay Chillout Area where many of the UK's top cosplay stars and groups will come together to form new frienships. Whether you're a begineer or pro or just someone who want to have fun we will have something for you.

#2. The Cosplay Masquerade with over £300 in prizes - Show-off your cosplay on stage. We invite all cosplayers to enter our cosplay contest on the Sunday, with £100 cash prize for the winner and a pair of LAGC tickets to the next event for 2nd and 3rd places worth over £40 each! . All masquerade participants will be invited to afterward relax and network with our cosplay stars and key figures in the cosplay community. For more info how to enter, go HERE.

#3. Cosplay Stars & Talks - We will have twelve of the most renowned cosplayers in the UK guest-starring at this year's event. Go check out who is attending on the guest page HERE. As well as having tables in our cosplay zone, they will host talks on community, costume-design, prop-making, modelling, performance and photography.

#4. Lindsey Elyse International Cosplay Guest - In the UK for the first time, Lindsey Elyse is one of the biggest names in cosplay in the world.

#5. Cosplay Workshops - A brand new area being added to LAGC for the first time - a chance to sit down and make your own cosplay items or be shown how to. Workshops shall include Cat-Ear Making, Worbla Crafting, Cosplay Patterning, Eva Foam Workshop and more!

#6. Cosplay World Masters UK Qualifiers - A chance to win a trip to Portugal to represent the UK in the world cosplay finals! For more info on how to enter, go HERE.

#7. Fun and Creative Cosplay Events - Events to get involved with include the Cosplay Auction where you put yourself up for bid to raise money for GamesAid, the Cosplay Blind-Date to make friends or maybe find your valentines sweetheart before the big day, and the Cosplay Mashup, a fun variety show featuring a series of mini-games of anything from making a cosplay out of random items in 5 minutes to improvised dance-offs in character. There will also be the J-Fashion Show, where you can show off your unique style from Lolita to steampunk to Goth or whatever expresses your individuality.

From the serious and professional to the fun and silly, our cosplay events have something for everyone.

Music Highlights

Unique to the event is our strong music and entertainment focus, exhibiting popular J-pop performers, upcoming rock and metal talent and alternative club nights throughout the day. Go check out our exciting lineup at the guest page here.

Of course, this convention isn't just about showing new talent, it's about finding it! The event hosts a talent show, where attendees can partake. The winner will receive their own performance time slot at a future convention.

Party Highlights

We ARE the party convention! Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until 1am on the Saturday and midnight on the Sunday (it's the same venue, just located downstairs) LAGC also offers the option of buying an evening only ticket for just £6 on the door after 6pm. The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks, Free lollipops, Dance-Off Contests with Dancers and Variety Acts through to past midnight.

Of course, if partying is not your scene, there will be a range of alternate late-night events including Karaoke and casual gaming.

Other Highlights

There's too many other highlights to list. But here's the top ones to watch out for:

#1 Talent Show: Find a Star - We continue our 2015 search for talent in the convention-scene! Do you have a hidden talent, be it singing, dancing, stand-up performing or pretty much anything? Come enter the Talent Show, show it off and win a £30 cash prize and the opportunity to develop your act with us and star on stage at our future events!

#2 Big Geek Quiz - Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness!

#3 Dub That Anime - The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging! This can be done as an individual or group so if you think you have what it takes to be in the next Team Four Star then you can signup on the day (just come along).

#4 Harajuka Fashion Show - Our unique fashion show, for unique style from Lolita, Steampunk to Goth, walk the line and show your creativity and individuality. This show does not discriminate, and is open to both the general public as well as professional models; anyone can enter no matter your size or shape. The event is supported by Spirit Models, Alt-Fashion Magazine and Devolution Magazine.

Pick a Clan!

A key part of LAGC are the clans! You can join a clan beforehand or at the event itself.

Here's the links to each clan's HQ topic on the forums. Go join by just posting in the HQ -

- Wicked Wizards HQ
Mecha Pirates HQ
Shonen Heroes HQ

Upon arrival, you will be given a conbadge to wear corresponding to the clan you're in. Any events or tournaments you win will earn you points toward your choosen clan. At the end of Sunday, the winning clan and the member who scored the most points are both announced and prizes are granted!

Two key clan events also take place; the Clan Battle Kicks off on Saturday (first thing) and the Clan Battle Showdown on Sunday (last thing). We will be releasing more info about this shortly, stay tuned!